Step 7: Signing the renting contract

After a positive response from the funding agency, you can sign the renting contract. Arrange an appointment with the landlord for the contract signing.

You should conclude the renting contract in writing as verbally concluded arrangements can lead to disputes later. Read through the contract carefully before signing. In addition to the rental contract, an Übergabeprotokoll (Handover Certificate) in which the deficiencies are listed (for example a crack in the basin) should be prepared. It has to be signed by you and the landlord. If you do not have an Übergabeprotokoll, the landlord can demand you to remedy the deficiencies or he or she can keep the deposit, even if it was not your fault.

Make sure that the renting contract includes the following details:

  • Rent exclusive the heating costs
  • Rent including the heating costs
  • Rental deposit
  • Graduated rent
  • Duration of the renting contract (if limited)
  • Übergabeprotokoll

Furthermore, ask the landlord to fill in the form Wohnungsgeberbestätigung. Download available at www.dortmund.de/media/p/buergerdienste_1/pdfs/Wohnungsgeberbestaetigung_BMG.pdf