Assignment of apartments by the municipal authority of Dortmund

The municipal authority of Dortmund rents apartments in which refugees can move in who draw benefits from the Sozialamt Dortmund. This offer should make the first steps into living on your own in Dortmund easier for you. The apartments are already furnished and you do not have to conclude contracts for the usage of water, electricity and gas. A social worker from the Sozialamt is available for your questions and supports you when you move into the new apartment.

Living in such an apartment is a temporary solution. The idea of this concept is to give you time to get to know Dortmund, its living and housing conditions and to find an apartment on your own.

How long it takes to get one of those apartments depends on the individual circumstances, the household size* and the size of apartments available in Dortmund. Sometimes it is easier to find an apartment for four persons and sometimes single apartments are easier to find. That explains the different waiting periods. The Sozialamt lets you know, if a flat was found for you.

*Household size means the number of people living together, for example the number of people in a family.