Communication with the funding agency

Before you start looking for an apartment, you should have your funding agency confirm that you necessarily need to move. If you receive benefits from Sozialamt, make an appointment in person. If you receive benefits from the Jobcenter, print out form 1 (form designations see information box) and submit the completed form to Jobcenter. Your funding agency then assesses whether a move is necessary. If the move is considered necessary, you will be given form 2*. Jobcenter clients will also receive forms 3 and 4.

Form 2 and form 3 (for Jobcenter clients only) refer to a specific apartment offer. These will be completed by you and your future landlord once you have found an apartment, but before you sign the lease. Your funding agency uses these forms to assess whether the apartment is adequate. After you received confirmation that your funding agency accepts the apartment as appropriate, you can sign the lease. Form 4 refers to the deposit.

The adjacent figure shows the communication process with your funding agency.

*  Many large housing associations have forms that contain all the necessary information and can be used instead of form 2.

Form 1 = Antrag (Teil 1) auf Zusicherung der Kosten für die neue Unterkunft
Form 2 = Bescheinigung über ein Mietangebot
Form 3 = Antrag (Teil 2) auf Zusicherung der Kosten für die neue Unterkunft
Form 4 = Abtretungserklärung