Step 2: Searching through apartment advertisements

Always make sure that the monthly rent is below the maximum amounts given in the table. In individual cases the assumption of the rental costs may be refused if an apartment is adequate but other factors like the energy consumption have not been clarified. Furthermore, the incidental expenses have to be considered in the calculation. If you are not sure if an apartment meets the conditions, show the apartment advertisement to an employee at Sozialamt or Jobcenter and ask for help.

You can find apartments advertisements on the internet for example on:

Find a room in a private shared apartment* here:

You can also find apartment offers in the local newspapers Ruhr Nachrichten and Stadt Anzeiger on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In WAZ you can find offers everyday.

Furthermore, you can directly apply at housing associations for an apartment. On the following page you will find the contact details of some housing companies in Dortmund.

*In a shared apartment people live together who are not in a partnership or related to each other.

People Cold Rent Operating CostsMax. Gross Cold Rent*
1380,00 €150,00 €530,00 €
2470,00 €180,00 €650,00 €
3570,00 €230,00 €800,00 €
4720,00 €230,00 €950,00 €
5920,00 €300,00 €1.220,00 €
61000,00 €300,00 €1.300,00 €
7 and morecase-by-case decision

Deviations are possible in individual cases
* Gross Cold Rent = Cold Rent + incidental expenses amount

September 2022, the latest figures can be found here.

Abbreviations are often used in apartment advertisements. Here you will find a list of abbreviations mentioned in the offers:

BK operating costs
Blk. balcony
DG top floor
EA energy performance certificate
EBK fitted kitchen
EG ground floor
Etg. floor
Gge. garage
G-WC toilet for guests
HK heating costs
KDB kitchen/hallway/bathroom
KM rent exclusive of heating costs
KT rental deposit
Maison. flat with 2 floors
MM monthly rent
mtl. monthly
NK incidental expenses
OG upper floor
prov.frei free of commission
Stellpl. parking space
Tgl.-Bad bathroom with window
Wfl. living space
Whg. apartment
WM rent including heating
Zi. room

Housing Associations

Landgrafenstr. 77, 44139 Dortmund
0231 10830
LEG Wohnen NRW - Mieterservice
Karl-Harr-Str. 5, 44263 Dortmund
0211 7407400
Vivawest Wohnen GmbH
Im Defdahl 10A, 44141 Dortmund
0231 396930
Butzstraße 48, 44359 DO-Nette
Westerfilder Str. 33, 44357 DO-Westerfilde
Servatiusstr. 19, 44369 DO-Huckarde
Rahmer Str. 299, 44369 DO-Jungferntal
Holtkottenweg 11, 44339 DO-Eving
Ringofenstr. 38, 44287 DO-Aplerbeck
0234 414700000

Housing Cooperatives

Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgenossenschaft Dortmund eG
Neuer Graben 96, 44137 Dortmund
0231 5347280
gws-Wohnen Dortmund Süd eG
Am Schallacker 23, 44263 DO-Hörde
0231 9413140
Spar- und Bauverein eG Dortmund
Kampstr. 51, 44137 Dortmund
0231 182030

Source of table: Jobcenter Dortmund